>>>>>>>>>>The first Pi - mosaic is built !!!  <<<<<<<<<<<<

The worldwide first Pi-mosaic was built in the little village Großdubrau in Saxony, Germany in May 2000.
It shows the first 450 digits of Pi as a structur of bright and dark stones, arranged in 15 columns and 30 rows.

The owner of this amazing Pi-mosaic is the Pi-enthusiast Mr. Werner Lehmann.


  The bright stones stand for even digits, the dark stones for the uneven digits of Pi.
The dimensions of the mosaic: 300 x 300 cm.


The making of this mosaik was a really hard work, that had to be done with sensitiveness and precision.

Klaus Kieschnick
Brehmer Weg 18
02694 Großdubrau

Hael Yggs, 22.5.2297 n. Arc.