Software for PIrats

If you are interested in PI and its secrets, you can find here some little programs to entertain you.
Some of them are useful if you want to examine, memorize or just enjoy PI.
Check it out and have fun ...


Programm Size What is it good for ...
Magic PiLight
297 kB Create your own PIctures with this Magic PiWorld Light Version (Win 95/98/NT)
370 kB Practizing PI-memorizing, become a regular member of the "Friends of PI" when knowing the first 100 digits of the Queen of numbers (Win 95/98/NT with WAV-MediaPlayer and OpenGL)
169 kB Uncover a MineField where PI-digits are hidden (Win 95/98/NT)

Software, presented on this side, was written by use of Borlands Delphi. As far as we know, it is virus free.
Anyway, if you download and use these programs, it is on your own risk.
We can't guarantee the proper function in all cases.
This programs are very normal ones, so they are not free of errors.


© 2005 by JVSchmidt