The HAMPI - Installation


During my travel in South-India in march 2000 I visited the famous ruins, palaces and temples of Hampi.

Different authors wrote about Hampi:

"343 km from Bangalore and 74 km from Bellary, Hampi - a world heritage centre - is the most
      beautiful and evocative of all the ruins in Karnataka."

"Hampi was founded by the Hindu Vijayanagar dynasty in 1336 AD, and quickly became one of, if not THE, most brilliant capital in all India. At its
  apogee, its population numbered in the hundreds of thousand and it spread over 30 square kilometers!!"

"Hampi is a hamlet in the land of Bangalore, near Hospet. It has given its name to the ruins wich lie scattered about it of the old capital of the kings of Vijayanagar. The city of Hospet was built by Krishna Deva Raya, the greatest of all the Vijayanagar kings, between 1509 and 1520. In this time it was the entrance gate to the city of Vijayanagar for all the travellers coming up from Goa and the west coast."

"This site is a strangely wild place. Dotted with little, barren, rocky hills, and immediatly north of it the wide and rapid Tungabhadra hurries along
     a boulder-strewn channel downs rapids and through narrow gorges. The unlimited supply of splendid building material close at hand, had a
     considerable influence on the architecture of the city by rendering it possible, to acquire on the spot, huge blocks of stone of vast dimensions
     wich otherwise would not have been so freely used owing to the dificulty of transporting them from a distance. Up the sides of these hills and
     along the low ground between them, run the fortified enclosing walls of the old city, 370 years since its destruction, and in the valleys among them
     stand its deserted streets and ruined temples and palaces."

"The erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom, Hampi is full of delightful surprises."

So I found p, chiselled in a big stone !!!!


Near the ruins of Hajari Rama Tempel I saw a gigant stone object, something like a stone gutter or a trough.
On 14th of march at daytime I prepared this object with 110 reflecting bars. The dimensions of every bar and the distance to the
 neighbouring bar were installed in direct relationship to the sucession of the first 244 Pi digits.


 At nighttime I took a long exposure of this installation, that reflekted  the moonlight. This amazing photo you can see below.


Hael Yggs
april, 2297 n.Arc.