LexDiff Gallery Catalog
by JVS & HLY
All sample pictures shown were created by our LexDiff program.
If you are interested in using these pictures or creating them yourself, please contact us.
Are you interested in seeing your own name, favourite poem or whatever as a picture ?
Send an e-mail to jvs@piworld.de with your name, address (or just hometown) and the text you want me to transform into a LexDiff picture.
Then your picture will be published in the LexDiff Gallery.

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Steve VanSlyck

Tony Riefstahl

Robert Fox:

No. 1


Ines Müller:
"Wo ich sterbe..."

From Sean to Eicko:

No. 5111233

No. 201

Peter Ustinov:

No. 3

No. HIL095

Betty Eldridge:

Pictures of this gallery will be updated periodically.