PICO - The PI-Contest: Memorizing and Practicing
(Version 1.15 - 2007/05/31)


As everyone knows, PI is a most amazing number, and of fundamental importance for many mathematical applications. In our decimal system PI seems to form a random and evenly distributed sequence of digits, though this may be mathematically uncertain.
There have been many attempts to find a definite or approximate pattern in its progression, but with little success.
This presents you with a unique and ideal object for memorizing techniques and competition.

PICO is a software that can help you to memorize PI digits.
Using PICO you can prepare for competition or simply check your own ability to be accurate and fast. You can adapt PICO to your personal needs and ambitions:
Simply sprint as fast as you can over 100 digits or cover a distance of 10.000 digits or even more - it's your choice.

PICO will always be your personal trainer.
In this way, using PICO will improve your knowledge of PI.


Version July 2006/May 2007

Define, Save and Load your personal contest definitions:
  • - starting point, distance, order of questions
  • - test or contest mode
  • - number of mistakes allowed
  • - screen layout
  • - adjusting questions to learning system (group length, regions etc.)
  • - font colour, font size and more

    Finally, view the results of the contest in a logfile.

    The CONDITIONS screen

    This is how Ulrich Voigt proposes to memorize 100 (random) double-digits out of the first N = 10.000 digits of PI.
    He uses 2 regions and starts counting with 0. Instead of numbering the regions he uses colours.

    1. Download package here.
    2. Unpack the ZIP-file to your destination directory.
    3. Start PICO.exe
    4. Go to CONDITIONS and define your personal needs.
    5. Start contest or training, have fun...

    I tried to build a save and stable program.
    Anyway, you use PICO on your own risk.

    (c) 2007 by JVSchmidt